Still working on trying to set this up properly!

Well, I’m going to read through all the help pages and links and look at lots of other blogs and then decide what I will concentrate on blogging about.

I love the idea of blogging about my family, but I know there are some things that I wouldn’t talk about. I could blog about my love of the Costa Del Sol and the holidays I’ve had there or I could blog about my craft making – cards, and soon jewellery making. Plus I love to take photographs and I could add my photos to my blog.

Its also possible that I will blog about my weightloss journey, especially since being diagnosed diabetic back in December 2011.  Its all so much to think about and make the right decision so please dear readers, be patient with me! I will sort myself out as soon as I can.

Life is good for me at the moment, despite being retired on a very low personal pension and Government one not due till September 2013 but…. we own our home, my husband is self employed and earning a small amount of money and we have two beautiful children and 2 grandchildren and a step grandchild who make every day worth getting up for. I feel that I’m lucky and look forward to trying to get my thoughts down on my blog on a regular basis – once I decide what subject!!! LOL!

Oh and by the way, my hobby horse at the moment is GETTY IMAGES! They are trying to get over £1300 from my husband for using an image that they have in their stock photos without permission! He didn’t get it from them but has no proof of where he got it from as it was several years ago. So be warned people if you are using images on your blogs that have copyright attached to them (even if you didn’t know it had!) you may get a letter through the post from Getty Images one day demanding money, with menaces. Our MP can’t do anything about it as legall Getty are within their rights, but morally the way they are trying to get money out of people who can ill afford it is disgraceful. You can even get caught if you change the image to something that looks almost totally different – their special spybots can detect even the smallest pixel from the original!

Right off soapbox for now.

Be back on as soon as I can!




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