Prince Charming! Prince Charming! Off to see Adam Ant!

Last night I went off to our local theatre to see Adam Ant with my best friend Annie and her daughter Andrea and our friend Jayne.  I know he’s not been around for awhile but I loved his songs and thought he was good looking at the time. Now he’s older (and so am I!) and a bit overweight (and so am I!) and he’s touring again and going on tv shows like Loose Women!

Jayne and I met up with Annie and Andrea in the restaurant and enjoyed a lovely meal of chicken pate with soda bread, salmon fillet on crushed new potatoes with asparagus and mango salsa (yummy), and dessert for me was a baked vanilla cheesecake. Total bill, including 3 glasses of wine came to £98 but with 20% off it came down to £76! Well worth it for 4 people. Whilst we were waiting for the bill I looked up and two old (and I mean old – at least 80!) ladies with their walking sticks, struggling up the stairs. Not your typical Adam Ant fans I would say!

We took our seats at 7.30pm and waited, and waited, then the song Georgie Girl started playing and a girl group came on – all playing instruments with the lead singer who was Georgie Girl! They sang for about half and hour, for 10 mins of which the spotlight on the stage was facing out into the audience and blinding us and then the sound system was so loud we were deafened too. Just wonder if the two old ladies stayed for the show?
The lead singer of the group was dressed in a lovely 50s style dress and tried to be very seductive (not that I’m into women but she certainly wouldn’t have attracted any of the men I know!). Their music was very rock based and shouty and we were relieved when they finished! Then came a break!

20 mins later on came Adam Ant and his band (including a female drummer and the girl from the first band!). Unfortunately apart from: Ant Music, Wild Frontier, Stand and Deliver and Prince Charming and at the very end a T-Rex cover, there was nothing else that we knew! He hardly spoke and we would’ve loved him to have given us an insight into his life and how he came to do this come back tour (like Boy George did a couple of years ago).

Looking at him in his tricorn hat and his American Yankee army trousers and his white shirt and his wire rimmed glasses, the name Fred Scuttle (Benny Hill) and then later when he took the glasses and his jacket off he looked like Bobby Ball! He has a bit of a flabby tum and man moobs (he sort of ripped his shirt part off!) but his cheeky smile was still there and there were small glimpses of him when he was in his prime.

We did get an apology about the spotlight but the bass speaker was so booming my chest vibrated! I suffer with tinnitus and have had blocked ears for a couple of weeks after an infection but had been clear of the blocked feeling for a couple of days. Now its back and the tinnitus is even louder! It certainly wasn’t the night I was expecting but it was good.

Unfortunately, Annie and Andrea didn’t enjoy it much but Jayne and I got up a couple of times to dance to the songs we knew so we had a good time. Oh and I’ve never seen so many men in groups at a show like that before, mind you although they stood up during the performance, not many of them jigged about, apart from one guy in full Adam Ant get up!

Over all it was a good night because I was with friends but I know that unless it was in a larger venue then I wouldn’t go to another concert like that.



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