Tenerife – fires

Have been watching the Redqueenmusings with interest today and feeling so sad at the news about the fires on Tenerife. It was my first visit there about 2 weeks ago and went up into the forests and up to Mount Teide and the guide showed us where there had been previous fires. Little did we know that 2 weeks later those trees would be on fire again.

It has been on Sky news today but nothing on BBC as far as I can see but if it had been in the USA it would’ve been all over the news. There seems to be no concern about the people of Tenerife or the holiday makers who, although the fire is not affecting them directly, are worrying that it will spoil there holidays.

With everything else that’s going on in the world, I suppose Tenerife isn’t important but it is important to the people who live there. I’d like to think there will be more coverage so that more people (other than those on blogs or Trip Advisor) can know what’s happening out there. The firefighters are risking their lives to put the fires out and deserve to be recognised for that.
I hope that the Calima moves away soon too and that the temperature drops and gives some respite to everyone. My thoughts are with everyone on Tenerife today.


20 July 2012

Heard that the fires are under control and things are looking better now. Can’t believe how big an area it covered, well done to all the fire fighters who worked so hard to get it under control.


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