GRRRRR! Sometimes you just have to go GRRRRRR!

Ok, so I’ve not been as good on my diet in the last week but for some unknown reason I’ve been feeling really low. Have no idea why, have some family worries but nothing that can be done about it and as stress is bad for diabetics I’m trying to keep a positive mind on everything.

Tomorrow my granddaughter will be 2 years old! She’s a little ray of sunshine and so bright and with my grandson (who is 18 months old) make my life so wonderful. We are having a little family get together at our house so I’ve got to get going with tidying up and gardening so started clearing and then decided to do some deadheading of the plants in the garden. I then took a step with my left leg to reach over to put my climbing fuscia back up into its support, twisted slightly to reach and pop! My back has gone and I’m in agony!

Can’t take anti-inflammatories like aspirin or ibrufen as I’ve got stomach problems so have taken cocodamol for now and will have to put some topical Ibrufen on where it hurts. I really didn’t need this today and hopefully it will ease after I’ve had a warm bath, but I’ve got to clean the house from top to bottom and go food shopping and get some Minnie Mouse wrapping paper!

So, GRRRRR to today, and hope tomorrow is sunny and warm and the kids have fun at Katie’s birthday!


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