I’m Back!

OK, I’ve not been around for ages and have been very lazy about blogging. No real reason why, just not seemed to find the words or exciting things to blog about. Until this week! LOL!

On Wednesday 3 July at 5.31pm my daughter Lindsay gave birth by c-section to her second child (my third grandchild). Joshua weighed in at 8lbs 15oz and 22.5″ long! It was a difficult birth, she was hoping to avoid another c-section but unfortunately Joshua got into some distress and needed to come out.

Whilst on the operating table they realised that her previous section had left some extensive scarring (surgeon said worst she’s seen!) so they had to get through that and locate her bowel and bladder before they could get him out. She lost 2 ltrs of blood but by the time she left hospital today her blood count was back to normal. She looked pale and tired but happy to be home.

So, now we have 3 natural grandchildren, Katie age 3 and Joshua with my daughter and Charlie age 2 with my son, plus Lewis my daughter’s stepson who is 14. Life is complete and and we couldn’t be happier. Despite the world being in a recession I feel I have a very full cup and I’m so grateful for my life and my family.

Will put up some photos of the family when I get them downloaded from the camera.

Hopefully, I won’t leave it so long between blogs in future!


One thought on “I’m Back!

  1. Well we may have waited a while for you to get your finger out but it was certainly worth waiting for, what super news. He is a big lad, makes my eyes water just thinking about it. Glad everyone is doing well and can´t wait to see the pictures.

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