More ramblings from a lazy blogger!

Well, here I am again trying to find something interesting to say and not resort to rambling (as I so often do when writing a diary or a letter!) Have re-drafted this several times and it wasn’t until I saw the blog from Inkellysworld today that I thought I’d better pull my finger out and get this finished and published!

July was a brilliant month, with the arrival of baby Joshua on the 3rd, Katie’s 3rd birthday on the 21st and daughter Lindsay turning 30 on the 27th! My life is so full of love and emotion over my grandchildren that I could never believe it would be like this. Katie and her cousin Charlie (my son’s little boy) get on so well and they are visiting tomorrow (as I re-draft this, I’ve totally forgotten what day it was!) for a play date and to give Lindsay some quiet time with Joshua and hopefully get some sleep! She had trouble breast-feeding at first, like she did with Katie, but with the help of a very good midwife she persevered and 3 weeks on he’s still having breast but topped up with the bottle (some people say it confuses babies but he’s not confused at all, bless him!).

My son, Robert, has had an eventful 18 months, the break up of his marriage, and realising that he hated his job in a games shop and wanted to give something back. He is Charlie’s main carer, his ex has him 2 days a week, and to say that Charlie changed his life is an understatement. Having Charlie made him realise that he wanted to work with children, so he did voluntary work at Charlie’s nursery whilst doing a course at college and working 16 hours a week in the shop. He passed his course and applied for a job at a new nursery, another one to be on the bank staff at Charlie’s nursery and then a chance meeting in a pub with friends meant an offer of a job in a primary school.

One of his friends invited another friend who is a deputy head in a primary school and she got talking to Rob and was so impressed with his enthusiasm and drive to want to work with children that she put him forward for a job as a Teaching Assistant to two special needs children at her school on one day a week. To our absolute joy he not only got that job but the bank one at the nursery. To say we are proud of our son is an understatement! John wasn’t at all sure that people would want their children to be looked after by a 6ft 4in, bearded, shaven headed bloke with tattoos on his arms, but they did! He is the most amazing father to his son and will make an amazing nursery carer and TA with the special needs children.

Both my children have proved to be amazing, natural parents and that makes me realise what a good job we have done with them. Lindsay is also a step parent to a 14-year-old boy who has also had a difficult time and he sent her a birthday card saying “To Mum”. He told his dad that Lindsay has been more of a mum to him than his own mum and he considers John and me to be his grandparents. It’s wonderful to have such a wonderful wider family, in-laws all get on, and it makes me feel so blessed.

Went to the hospital on Thursday to have a wisdom tooth out! Dentist would’ve taken it out but I suffer with sleep apnoea and didn’t want to pass out when he was fiddling about trying to get it all out! So he referred me to the hospital and I was hoping I’d get sedated but have my airways kept open (I stop breathing when I go to sleep or unconscious!) but they said they couldn’t do that because of the problem and so I’m having a local anaesthetic anyway! Aaaagghhh! Well had the tooth out! No pain, wonderful Irish lady dentist and so glad its out! She showed me it, it was all decayed and had 4 roots! Two were fused together and one was hooked. So grateful to her for explaining everything so clearly and getting it out without any bother. Plus it was free!!!! If the dentist had done it I would’ve had to pay around £60!

2 August was the 40th anniversary of my first date with my husband! We moved in together 3 months later and married 4 years later so its our 36th wedding anniversary in September so lots of things to look forward to. Oh and on 6 September I officially become an OAP! LOL! Will start getting my state pension and be entitled to all sorts of concessions LOL! Already got my bus pass!

At the end of August we’re off to the Costa Del Sol for two weeks and I’m getting together all the information and paperwork that we need and I’ve started my list of clothes and stuff to take. Its funny, I’m more organised getting ready for holidays than anything else in my life lol! Got a list of new things to do during our stay and places to see. Will report back when I get back!. Can’t wait to get on the plane and see the mountains and sea as we approach Malaga. I just love it there and will try to post some photos when we are home.

Have a fun August everyone.


4 thoughts on “More ramblings from a lazy blogger!

  1. What a lovely post! I loved reading it. How blessed you are. And you have some lovely things to look forward to. We are off to Tenerife next week and I can’t wait. Keep writing – I am already looking forward to reading about your holiday, anniversary and of course wishing you a Happy Birthday!! Hugs xxx

  2. Thanks Kelly, my birthday’s not till December but I start drawing my pension on 6 September. I missed out on being able to get it when I was 60 and had to hang on till this year, been living on my work pension (a pittance!) and my savings since June 2011! Getting my pension will make me feel rich! LOL!

    Have fun in Tenerife, I’m off there next year with my best friend for a girly week! Can’t wait.


  3. Like Kelly I thoroughly enjoyed reading all about you and your family. IMO this is the kind of blog that turns a friendship started on the internet into something real. We learn about our friends and get excited about the things they are doing and what makes them happy and what makes them tick. Have a great holiday, take lots of pictures and let us know how it goes xxx

    • Thank you :). I know what you mean, looking forward to this year’s break and starting to plan my girly week next year! Might come earlier in the year but need to check with my friend Annie what dates are best for

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