November – unseasonably mild and other ramblings!

So, here I am again, writing a blog with no idea what to put into it! Life has gone on as usual, friends and family get togethers, looking after grandkids, hospital visits, same old same old!

Right then, are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin….


My climbing fuscia seems to survive every winter and gets better every year and the fuscia in the pot just goes on and on. The flower bed at the top of our steps to the lawn are still blooming with grazinias and geraniums with the promise of spring showing with the forget-me-nots filling the gaps. 




So proud that my olive trees got fruit this year, but there’s not enough to do anything with and I’ve been told that they are ornamental and not edible! Not sure about that but at least its a little bit of the Mediterranean in my garden.

Seems to me that the reason we set off fireworks on 5 November has disappeared into the ether and “A Penny for the Guy?” has totally been over taken by Halloween. Now, I enjoy Halloween but its such a shame that we’ve lost a tradition of kids making a guy and then sitting outside a shop calling “Penny for the Guy, Lady?” From when I was a child in the 50s/60s it was the thing kids did, stuff Dad’s old trousers and shirts, make a mask and then take it on a trolley or old pram and ask for money from complete strangers! For some reason I think I can only remember making a guy once with the neighbours’ kids and I don’t think mum allowed me to go out with them!

I do have a memory of seeing a child outside Morrisons in Erith when it first opened in the late 90s, with a guy but that’s the only one I’ve seen for years. I’m sure even he didn’t know the reason why he was doing it, it was just a way of earning a bit of cash!

When we were at school we were told that Guy Fawkes and his cohorts were Catholics who wanted to bring down the King James. I found this history site with all the information on it and I’ve linked it here for anyone interested in learning more

Now, in the 21st century this part of our history seems to have been put to one side, people just know that on 5 November we let of fireworks, plus its around the time of Diwali the Hindu festival of light, so we also have fireworks let off around 3 November for the celebrations by our Hindu neighbours.

Add this to fireworks that some people let off at Halloween as well and for the two weeks from 31 October we never seem to be free of them! Anyone with animals just don’t know when to keep them in or let them out! Then we have New Year’s Eve and another lot of fireworks going up!