It’s Christmas! A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all!

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, let your heart be light….

Well, here we are coming up to Christmas and the New Year, and all the glitter and glitz of the fairy lights is a cheery sight on these dark winter nights.

I’ve been very busy making cards, felt decorations and getting ready to ice my cake (shop bought cake but decorating it myself), making fudge and generally spending lots of money, babysitting, celebrating my birthday and just generally living life to the full!

My cards are all sent, presents wrapped (well apart from 2 that I’ve suddenly realised I’ve not got yet eek!), food shopping still to do, got lots of vouchers from Morrisons and Sainsburys so can push the boat out a bit! Going to go main food shopping tomorrow and then on Monday will go and get all the fresh stuff. Shops will be open again by next Friday so will be able to stock up again for New Year then LOL!

This year has flown by and I’m glad that its been a fairly good one, we’ve saved a life, had a new grandchild, a good holiday and my diabetes is under control so things are looking good for next year. I’m off to Tenerife in March with my best friend, Annie, for a girly week (leaving John at home) and looking forward to that and we will hopefully get together with a fellow blogger while we’re there.

Writing this makes me think of days gone by when I was a child and things were so much more simple and less expensive and demanding. I remember getting up in the middle of the night and being satisfied with a walnut, clementine and a few pennies and maybe a small toy or money in the bottom of my stocking. One year, after my nan had passed away, my other nan gave me a Dave Clark 5 make up bag (yes there was merchandising even then!) with 6 shiny pennies it it (old pennies of course). Not much but I was happy to get anything, unlike some youngsters today.

We took our grandchildren Katie (3) and Charlie (nearly 3) to see Father Christmas at a local garden centre. It was magical and although Katie was tired and not a happy little bunny at times, they both loved it. When we got home we asked Katie what Father Christmas was going to bring her on Christmas Eve. “He’s already given me my present” she said, pointing to the floor puzzle he’d given her that afternoon. Bless her she really thinks that’s all she’s getting and actually seems to be happy with that! She said again the other day so she really thinks that’s all she’ll get, bless her. Its the innocence of the little ones that makes my Christmas, the wonder in their eyes when they see all the presents and it gives me hope for the future that the family will always remain close and the young ones will continue to show us how to look at life through a child’s eyes.

So, I would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year. I’m looking forward to blogging some more and to reading the blogs that I follow and hope that you will continue to follow me too. Just remember, days start getting longer after 21 December so Summer will be just around the corner! Have a wonderful time and see you in the New Year.