Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and are now getting back into “normal” life LOL!

I had a lovely Christmas, my son Rob and his son Charlie, came Christmas Day and we went to see my daughter, Lindsay, and her family in the afternoon. On Boxing Day, my sister Julie, her husband Cliff and daughter Lara, came over and so did Lindsay and family. Unfortunately Rob had to work Boxing Day and Charlie was with his mum and we missed them loads but still managed to have a good time, chatting, watching TV and of course, eating! It was great to all be together and to watchING the children enjoying opening their presents is always a joy!.


I put on weight over Christmas, not unexpected, but Diabetic Nurse was happy with my blood tests in December and hopefully things will be fine when I have another check next month (they forgot to do a cholesterol test last time!) so I need to get motivated and lose the excess and a bit more! I have a very sweet tooth and being diabetic that isn’t a very good mix! I made loads of fudge to give away as presents but still have some left, plus some chocs and biscuits! It’s so tempting to pick at them but the time has come to stop being bad and start being a good diabetic!

If you are not diabetic it can be hard to understand what it means to be one. My late mum, my sister and my best friend are all diabetic too and mum and my friend both T2 insulin dependent and my sister T2 meds and diet. I had been glucose intolerant for years and so was not surprised to be diagnosed but it’s still a bit of a culture shock to realise that by my  being overweight, lazy and greedy my body had decided I needed to be taught a lesson that I will continue to learn till I either get myself together and put it into remission, or I die!

I belong to a couple of Facebook groups that offer support and advice and together with my friend and family, I am managing to keep things under control but need to do a bit more. I try to be careful and eat everything in moderation and although I’m a lazy person and hate exercise I try to move around a bit more. It’s also helpful if people don’t look at you when you are eating something sweet or starchy and say “You shouldn’t be eating that!  You’re diabetic!” Well, we can eat anything in moderation, being careful with carbohydrates of any type (not just sweet) is the way to go. So, being diabetic isn’t good, but it isn’t a death sentence as long as you live by the rules and are sensible.

I’m back to logging food on, it’s helped me so much in the past . I’m feeling more focussed and think I’ve lost a few lbs over the past week. Have been cutting down on my carbs to help make sure my blood glucose levels are good for my next blood test and feeling like I’ve actually achieved something. I also joined a page on Facebook called Back to You – QVC which is part of an idea they had to encourage people to stick to their New Year Resolutions so I’m blogging, logging on WLR, posting on Facebook on the QVC group, a diabetic support group on Facebook and they’ve got a sub group for Carb counting and its great to have so much support so I can’t get away from posting my progress.


We’re both trying to think of way to make a bit of extra cash and John has decided to start making candles to sell on eBay, they won’t make a lot of money but it’s another little thing to try to boost our income as we get older. We are lucky, we’ve made some good choices and have savings to keep us going but it would be nice to be able to have a few extras every now and again.

I am now getting an income from my state pension and my company one and luckily, I don’t get enough money coming in to pay tax so that’s a good thing! I’ve got my Freedom Pass and will make good use of it this year. We are careful with bills, although we both have mobiles we, are on very low tariffs with great minutes and texts allowance so we keep the bills down.

We get the winter fuel allowance and that will help when the big bill comes in but we still try to be good with putting the heating on etc and making sure that we turn lights off etc. If we get cold we put on an extra jumper or our dressing gowns! It makes sense to try to save money where you can. Every year we check compare all our insurances and our utility bills and get better deals, we also belong to and get cashback deals. We will never be wealthy but we own our home outright and we will be able to have holidays every now and again and we won’t starve (enjoy making soup out of leftovers LOL!).

Over the years we’ve made wills and we updated last year when Josh was born, now we’re looking at putting Powers of Attorney forms in place. We left it almost too late with mum and although we managed to get it sorted, she actually passed away before we could invoke it. Making sure our children are catered for is so important, when my dad passed he had no will and a business that was in a mess and it took us ages to get it all sorted and for mum to be able to move on. We don’t want that to happen to us or our children be left with nothing.

So, we’re now starting to declutter, a couple of old paintings are going to be valued (probably not worth anything but you never know!) and over the next few months we’re going to have plastering done in the living room and redecorate all through downstairs. 2014 is the year for us to get everything ready in case we’re not able to in the future, it’s not as morbid as it sounds, just sensible forward planning!

Health-wise things are OK, apart from poor old John has had to have a biopsy on his prostate. He had an op about 10 years ago for an enlarged prostate but now his PSA levels have gone up slightly so they are making sure that he’s OK. A lot of men don’t take care of themselves and I’m sure there are some out there who’ve never even thought about checking for lumps in their testicles, their moobs etc and problems with the prostate probably doesn’t even occur to them. Men go into decline when they have flu but something more serious they tend to ignore. Luckily John isn’t one of them and we are able to talk about things like this and we support each other at all hospital visits. We are also waiting for his two appointments for his tinnitus treatment – sound therapy and MRI scan.


This year John and I aren’t going away, we are trying to get rid of our timeshare and will hopefully be able to give it up this year. But, I’m off to Paloma Beach Apartments in Tenerife in March with my friend Annie and we will be meeting up with another blogger, Meryl (Redqueenmusings) who was so helpful to us last time we were there. Really looking forward to a girly week and some sunshine and meeting up with the person who inspired me to blog in the first place.

I’ve started the planning, got my spreadsheet started and run off copies of all the documents I need, flight details, holiday confirmation, insurance etc. I’m only OCD when it comes to holiday planning. Then……. the other week I lost my passport! Well I thought I’d put it somewhere safe, I looked everywhere more than once and just couldn’t find it. Even went so far as to download a lost passport form from the internet! Then John found it! I’d put it in my holiday box, which I had looked through so many times of the previous couple of days! I thought I had put it there but for some reason I kept missing it when I was looking! It’s usually me finding stuff for John LOL!

So now its all systems go and getting sorted can begin in earnest!