Before I start, nobody noticed my deliberate mistake in Part 3! I got the days and the dates wrong! No idea how or why I managed to do it so just to get things back on course, here’s a list of the right days:

Part 1:
Monday 24 – Travel to Tenerife
Tuesday 25 – walking round Los Cristianos
Part 2:
Wednesday 26 – Meet up with Meryl
Thursday 27 – Trip to Santa Cruz
Part 3:
Friday 28 – Walk along to Playa La Vista
Saturday 29 – Monkey Park and Carnival in evening

and now our last two days begin:

Sunday 30 March

Didn’t put the clocks forward last night! Big confusion this morning, the clock in the apartment was saying 7.30am when phones and tablet were saying 8.30am and the TV stations were all saying the time in mainland Spain, which is another hour ahead so we were two very ladies!

I woke up with a very sore leg, it was so painful that I thought it wasn’t a good idea to do a lot of walking. So, we decided to stay in the apartment in the morning and take things easy and wait and see what happened.

Sitting on the balcony chilling and keeping my leg raised I suddenly realised that something was going on in the car park in front! Looking across I could see two large floats – one was in the shape of a galleon (although the front and the back were separate at the time!) and the other looked like it was a sea scene with floaty green seaweed and orange fish. Both were competing to see who could play the loudest and most danceable music – the sea scene was winning on that score! Wonderful latino beats made me want to dance about on the balcony! This was at around noon and the carnival wasn’t starting till at least 4pm so it was fascinating to watch all the participants getting together and into their costumes only about 50m away from where I was standing. Meanwhile, Annie was trying to finish her 2nd book of the week!

Our last sunrise!
Our last sunrise!
Carnival preparations
Carnival preparations

By 2pm my leg was feeling better so I wandered down to reception to see if Marco could do something with my suitcase handle, which despite all mine and Annie’s efforts stubbornly remained in the upright position. Unfortunately, after trying screw drivers, WD40 and pushing and shaking, the handle refused to be budged! So up it would have to stay and suffer the consequences of the baggage carousel.

We haven’t swum at all this week, which is unlike us! On our last holiday we swam for at least an hour every day but this time, the pool, although very nice, was surrounded by people who just sort of stared at you as you walked by so we never bothered but we more than made up for it with the walking we’d done over the course of the week.

At 3.45pm we made our way downstairs and found a spot to watch the carnival. It was hot and sunny and if we’d know it was going to be a long wait and a long parade, we would’ve taken our chairs down with us! The parade, as expected began late but this is Spain and so we didn’t mind so much. It’s hard to describe the atmosphere, there were holiday makers, ex pat locals and Spanish locals too. The parade was loud in colour and sounds and it was amazing to see the little ones who were taking part as well, and wondered how they would stand up to the long walk ahead!

Some of the outfits were made of foam and seemed really difficult for everyone to walk in and some of the children did end up taking some of it off and parents were rushing around with bottles of water to top them all up. The whole parade was wonderful and so glad it started so close to where we were staying so that we had such a marvellous view. Here are some photos from that day.


P1020094 P1020095 P1020098 P1020107 P1020108 P1020116 P1020118 P1020129 P1020140 P1020143 P1020157 P1020158 P1020159 P1020185 P1020195 P1020221 P1020224



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