As one year ends, time for reflection….

31 DECEMBER 2014

I fully intended starting my blog again back in June and never got around to posting it. So, rather than try and remember everything, I’m going to put a copy of the letter I sent out with my Christmas Christmas cards, instead of a separate blog.

So here we go, where do I start? 2014 has been an eventful year for us and mainly revolves around John’s health. In January after getting his latest PSA results, he was diagnosed with low grade Prostate Cancer. It was a shock, even though he’d had an enlarged prostate 10 years ago, we were hopeful that he wouldn’t get the cancer. After lots more tests and template biopsy it was confirmed that it is low grade and the consultant at Guy’s has agreed just to watch it through active surveillance and continued PSA tests every 6 months. I will try and put something together in a blog specifically about Prostate Cancer.

Our next hospital visit was when we got the call to go to Medway hospital audiology department for his tinnitus treatment. This involves a white noise generator in one ear and although he’s not seen any noticeable improvement in his tinnitus since he got it, he is keeping at it and doesn’t go back for 6 months for another check. On top of all that his tummy is playing up still, probably IBS because a colonoscopy and MRI scans found nothing sinister to worry about. Now got to wait till January to find out if there’s anything else that can be done.

My health has been not too bad, luckily! My diabetes is well under control and in June I was told I was in the pre-diabetic range so hopefully the blood test I had on Monday will show I’m in remission. Still trying to lose weight LOL! But as long as my blood glucose is in the normal range I’m happy. Hopefully 2015 will be a better year for our health.

For my part, I’ve been on holiday to Tenerife with my best friend in March and we had a wonderful time at the carnival which was just by our apartments and we met up with a fellow blogger Meryl (RedQueenMusings). Its my 2nd visit to Tenerife and I really do enjoy it there. I’m also trying out new crafts to keep me busy in my retirement LOL!

Robert, our eldest, has finally got a place for him and his son Charlie to live and they are now happily living in a very nice flat about 5 mins from us. Our daughter Lindsay and her family are still in their rented house and Katie started school in September! We went to see Katie in her first Christmas show and she managed to get through it, even though she is very shy.

During the year we had some great days out to Cliveden – love the house and the gardens, Wakehurst Place – amazing mix of gardens and magical bluebell woodlands, and Nymans – another wonderful place with formal gardens and woodland (all National Trust properties), a trip down the River Thames on a water cruise, getting on and off along the river and seeing so many sights of London that we wouldn’t have seen before. Spent sometime looking at the poppies at the Tower, an amazing and emotional sight and I’ve bought one for me and one for my sister, my sister’s has arrived and mine should be here in the next couple of days. There is so much of London that we’ve not seen that we have decided to do it all again in the summer.

We had a lovely family Christmas, with Rob and Charlie with us on Christmas Day and a visit to Lindsay’s for an hour to swap presents and then a lovely family day with my sister and her family at ours on Boxing Day.

2015 is hopefully going to be a good year for all of us, as long as we still have our health. We will be going to Spain again in September and will be spending a week in Mijas during the Feria and a week further up the coast and hopefully we’ll be getting together with friends we’ve got to know who live in the area and will do another wonderful trip with Monte Aventura. We got rid of our timeshare this year so its the last time we will have an exchange and will be looking for rentals for future holidays there.

No photos in this quick update, but will putting lots in for future blogs so for now I wish you all a really happy and healthy New Year full of new experiences and fun.


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