A confession from a lazy blogger!


I start this new blog with a confession! My name is Ceejayblue and I’m a lazy blogger! I haven’t blogged since the very beginning of the year and I feel really guilty about that. So much has happened but I won’t go over old history and will start again from now and try to be better lol! So, please forgive me and be gentle with me! πŸ˜‰

First of all, I have been trying to eat more healthily and also do some execise every day. I started in January and I follow the Freedom Eating way of eating as set out in Debbie Flint’s book Till The Fat Lady Slims 2.0 The β€œWhen” Diet. It has been changing my life, I follow the 6 principles but mainly I am eating when hungry on a scale of 6 and cutting back on my carbs (it helps with the diabetes too!) and stopping eating when I reach the satisfied stage and not trying to clear my plate! I will do a proper blog on it later. I am also exercising with a Body Blade and doing Leslie Sansone in home walking – more of those when I do my healthy bit.

So, what is the main reason for this blog today? Well my first priority is to do a trip report of our recent holiday to Spain. I love Spain and always feel at home there but this holiday was one of the best we’ve had and so I kept a diary.

It will take a few days to finalise everything, but I hope you enjoy reading it and looking at the pictures I will try and add to make it more interesting πŸ˜‰


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