WEEK 1 – MacDonald’s Timeshare resort – La Ermita, Mijas Pueblo – Part 3

Thursday – Decided we would have a relaxing day and take a walk around the Muralla when John decided he wanted to go to the bull ring. Its one of the oldest in Spain and isn’t round, it is slightly oval. Whilst I appreciate the pomp of the matadors and their glittery outfits, the thought of tormenting a poor bull makes me feel physically sick. There is no cover there either so even if I did (which I never would) want to go to an actual bull fight you would be in full sun for most of the time. We could’ve taken pictures using a matador’s cape but declined. I came out of it feeling quite low 😦 We did take a few pics – John more than me)

P1040532 P1040533 P1040538

After another swim in the indoor pool (love the gentle meditative music they play in there) we went for another walk around the Pueblo before stopping to eat tapas at Meninguez, which is owned by the people who own The Secret Garden. Another great meal with great staff, oh and I had another voucher for a free bottle of wine). Another place that we would recommend you try, you won’t be disappointed. After the meal we walked again and stood above the feria ground watching people dancing in the street by the pop up bars and then saw part of the concert with Spain’s Justin Bieber! LOL! Let a little girl and her dad take our spot for a better view.

Pop bars in the Feria, lots of dancing and having fun.

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