Tuesday – have been intermittently testing my Blood Glucose (type 2 diabetic) as my diet and exercise has been different whilst we’re away. They’ve been really good, didn’t expect otherwise but good to be confirmed. Went to El Zoco and bought a bottle of caramel vodka! Will try it later 😉

Today we are taking a trip to La Carihuela to meet up with another Trip Advisor and Facebook friend. We should’ve been meeting up with Tony and Stuart but Tony didn’t make it to the airport (fear of flying) so we’ll meet up another time. However, still went down to meet Stuart. Our Satnav took us to completely the wrong place and we didn’t find Stuart’s apartment so we parked up in a back street and worked down the paseo to El Horno, one of the great chirringuitos in Carihuela (another place where you can eat in a different restaurant every day of the year and never get bored!). Poor Stuart had a dreadful cold but he came down to meet us and it was such a lovely afternoon, chatting, having a cold drink and a toastie for lunch and looking out on the beach and the beautiful sea. It is so good to be able to put a face to a name and I know that we will be friends for a long time.

Back to the apartment to get ready for dinner. One of the restaurants on the Dona Lola side of the motorway had changed hands several times since we had been staying in the area. First time we were there in 1992 it was El Molino and a lovely Spanish restaurant, then it was empty for awhile before becoming an All You Can Eat buffet restaurant which, in my opinion, was awful. Then it was a restaurant with entertainment and this time it was back to another Spanish restaurant which is run by the people who own Meson Dona Lola where we’ve had some fantastic meals in the past. Got to say we were not overly impressed with Enriques. As with Meson Dona Lola you get given bread and some dip things without asking for them and a blue drink, which someone told me was blue cava! Well it was flat cava! John decided to have the pork fillet with bacon and Malaga wine sauce as he’d enjoyed it up in Mijas. Big mistake! I chose grilled sea bass, which was ok. The pork fillet was tastless and dry and the sauce not at all what he expected! There was a lady on another table who’d specifically asked about what she was ordering and when she got it she was disappointed and had a quite lengthy discussion with the waiter about it. We wouldn’t go to Enriques again but we know people who have enjoyed food there.

Night cap at Oscars with Jay, his daughter does a Vlog (video blog) and is known as LJpopsey, she’s very good. https://www.youtube.com/results?q=LJ+Popsey.

Got a lot of pain in my leg and knee tonight, not sure we will get to Estepona tomorrow 😦


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