Woke up very early! Had a horrible night with a very painful knee so decided to have a gentle walk around the resort in the morning before heading off in the afternoon to meet friends in Benalmadena. As its Sunday there is a boot sale/flea market over at Calypso so we take a walk up and over the footbridge to see if we can see anything worth buying, but as usual there was nothing we wanted! Once again we find ourselves having coffee in El Zoco Cafeteria where they do great coffee, free wifi and oh yes, great club sandwiches and tapas! We took advantage of the free wifi and spent a little while there just catching up with family on line and then back to the apartment.

Now bearing in mind I’m the one who had the lousy night’s sleep, John spent most of the afternoon asleep on the bed! Had a small bit of the chocolate we made and a bit of one of my teeth fell out! Grr! It was one that the dentist had built up before but now I had to go the rest of the week without it and big cheesey grins would not be an option lol! That was a real pain in the rear as I’m already waiting to have a broken tooth removed at the dentist!

We had made arrangements to meet with some friends who we met 2 years ago, Ivor and Fiona. They live in Benalmadena and so we decided to pay a visit to Paloma Parque on our way down to Pepe’s restaurant which is on the corner by the Windmill roundabout in Benalmadena and only a short way from the park. Paloma Parque is a lovely place, with places to eat, places to exercise, children’s play areas and best of all animals roaming free! We love the rabbits and guinea pigs (but they can be quite shy and not come out to say hello) and there are lots of chickens and peacocks etc around plus a lovely lake with ducks and swans and terrapins in. The walk around the park is so lovely, butterflies fluttering by us, amazing cactus and succulent gardens and some great views and to see it being enjoyed by so many local families was wonderful. P1040699 P1040697 P1040698 P1040695IMG_20150913_175721398

Windmill roundabout Benalmadena
Windmill roundabout Benalmadena

At 6.30pm we met up with Fiona and Ivor for a drink. It was so good to see them again, I chat with Fiona on Facebook on a regular basis and we caught up on all their news and then met Fiona’s mum and dad too.

P1040703 P1040705It was such a lovely evening, we were supposed to meet up with some other people in the evening so we left to go back to the apartment at around 8.30pm.

Being spoilt for choice of where to eat we thought we’d try somewhere different and chose Da Vinci’s. Its a very busy and noisy restaurant (now covering to sides of the walkway) and the food and service (despite reading reports to the contrary) was really good. The guy who we believe to be the owner, was a very good looking young man who looked a bit like Jeremy Guscott the Rugby player!  We thought the main restaurant was a bit noisy for us (probably because of its high ceiling everything echoes) so if we eat there again it will be on the outside veranda.


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