Saturday – time to go home!

So, this is our last day in Spain, our flight isn’t until 8.40pm and we need to get the car back to Helle Hollis by 6.30pm. There’s usually a queue at bag drops so we will get there for 6ish. We had decided that as our owner had said we could stay till we needed to, that we would pack, get everything set to go but chill and go into La Cala market and have lunch near the beach.

We drove to La Cala, parked the car and paid the attendant €1, in Spain they have these people who walk around car parks and parking areas in yellow jackets (they are licensed by the local authority), you give them €1 and they keep an eye on your car, well that’s what they say they do but really its a parking charge lol! The market is over the other side of the motorway and we walked past someone selling mangos and avocados from a wheelbarrow really cheaply and if we’d have been staying longer we might have bought some.

The market is quite big with lots of different stalls from clothes to veg and electrical stuff and the usual tourist stuff. I bought a couple of little dishes for presents and other little bits and left happy. One funny thing was a clothes stall selling beautiful ladies clothes with big bags of golf balls hanging up (its near to a local golf course!). After a bit we decided to make a move into the village and passed the craft stalls that are now a feature in a lot of places and down to the paseo. We sat down at El Turreon, which used to be a bit run down but did good food at good prices. Now it is all modern and fancy and the staff not quite as friendly but the food was fine and after paying the bill we drove back to Calahonda for the last time.

We spent the last couple of hours chilling at the apartment and then at 5pm we made our way to the Helle Hollis depot and checked the car back in, no problems, deposit refunded straight away and we jumped in the coach back to the airport. Usual queue at bag drop but we then went through security and stopped for a drink – €3.30 for a bottle of Fanta and €3 for a bottle of water that outside would be €1.50! Managed to get a few bits for the grandkids in the duty-free area and off we went to the gate!

It always feels sad getting on the plane to come home, even though we were looking forward to seeing the grandchildren. The flight was uneventful, I watched a film “Second Best Marigold Hotel” on my tablet which was brilliant and the time flew by. They provided us with free drinks and a smoked bacon sandwich, which was actually quite nice! Landed on time but Dave had got caught up in traffic so we had to wait in the cold for him, was good to see his car come round the corner. Got home, dumped cases and went to bed, tired but glad to be home and sad to be home too – this past two weeks have been the best holiday we’ve had in Spain for years and is a holiday we won’t forget.

Hope you’ve not been bored by my ramblings and unimpressed by my photos, I will try to get some links to the videos we took too at some point so watch out for edited versions of the blogs. Thank you for reading my blog, see you next time. x



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