So to the biggest news of the year (apart from our Rob meeting a lovely new girlfriend!). About 5 weeks ago Rob found a stray staffy running across 4 lanes of traffic near where he lives. We went and picked them up and took them to a local vet to see if he had a microchip. Luckily he did so the owners were contacted by phone and email by the vets. However, by the evening they hadn’t called so the poor dog (a blue staffy called Blue) went to the dog pound 😦 Rob had said that he wished he could have him but he lives in a flat so it wouldn’t be possible. We all discussed it as a family and John and I went to visit the pound (a local kennels). We spoke to the owner and saw Blue and the following day took the rest of the family over to meet him to see if he would be ok with children. To our great delight he was brilliant so 2 days later (after he’d been there 10 days) we picked him up and he now lives with us.

He is a loving dog and loves humans (hates other animals 😦 ) but we are going to sort out some training for him. We can’t let him off the lead because we know he is a runner and we don’t want to lose him  but we enjoy our walks.

Today, we had him neutered and hope that will eventually help calm him down a bit. He’s now lying on the floor wrapped in a quilt with a large cone on his head feeling very sorry for himself. I rang the chip people today and apparently he has run away from his previous owners and been picked up several times this year (we know that Rob’s friend found him 2 months ago too!). The chip people said that his previous owners had never reported him missing at anytime and this last time they’ve not replied to calls or emails so now he will be ours forever!

So, here we are the day before my 64th birthday and I cannot believe how lucky I am in my life, good friends and a wonderful family make everything worthwhile. OK we have our ups and downs, health scares and a lesser income than when I was working but I wouldn’t swap my life for anything (unless of course we win the lotter! LOL!)I’m off to Tenerife in April with my best friend Annie and will be staying at Paloma Beach apartments in Los Cristianos again and flying BA! Can’t wait for a week of sun and sea and fun!

I hope that all my friends and family have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. With all that’s going on in the world at the moment I hope that everyone stays safe and well.





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