22 April 2018

Here we are another 2 years on and going back to Tenerife. As a change we’ve booked into apartment 2B2 on Victoria 1 which is in an area we’ve not stayed before when in Los Cristianos.

Up at 4.45am and had a lovely ride to the airport. We got a meal deal in M&S before going through security and realised just as we were about to go through that we’d bought bottles of water, so we quickly downed them before we went through. I always worry that my CPAP machine may cause problems but to my surprise it was the empty water bottle I’d bought to take with me! It has got a gel inner that you freeze and I’d forgotten to take it out. We were also put through the full body scanner and frisked! They did let me take my bottle through though, thank goodness. Next stop, breakfast in Wetherspoons Flying Horse. Not cheap but really good!

We did our usual wander around the shops and then made our way to Gate 38 and onto the plane. Flying BA may not be the cheapest but we did get ok seats and the food and coffee was M&S so good quality. They don’t take cash though, so be aware, debit or credit cards only! Nothing enticed either of us in their duty free shop.

The flight was uneventful and we landed near to time and picked up our Sun Transfers driver so easily. What a lovely man who took our cases out to the mini coach and dropped us off at Victoria 1 with no problems.

Reception was closed being a Sunday so picked keys up from the resort bar, definitely not my type of place I’m afraid, it stank of old chip fat. Staff were nice but we wouldn’t frequent it.

Our apartment was up some steps, no help to get cases up there and with my bad back and knees it was a pain!. Very clean but a bit dated, and wifi was awful! They give you a code but only one device can use it any one time! That’s so ridiculous, luckily I have data to use! View was good across to the sea and we could see the ferries coming into the harbour. Here’s a list of the things we didn’t & did l.ike about the apartment.

  1. 1 loo roll – had to buy more, other places we’ve stayed had at least 4

  2. no washing up liquid – had to buy a bottle, again most places now supply

  3. Wifi was almost non-existent hard to connect and stay connected

  4. Towels too small

  5. Leaflets in information book were very out of date

  6. TV listing was out of date – the channel numbers were wrong

  7. Cooker

    instructions on wall

    very worn

  8. No details of fire exits in the apartment

  9. No air conditioning

  10. Strange square washing machine (we didn’t use)

  11. There was salt and pepper 🙂

  12. Lots of puzzles and sockets and DVDs – a good thing

  13. Reception not very helpful, looks less than professional and they charge €5 to print boarding passes! That’s extortionate!

  14. Sun beds round pool, €1.50 per day. We didn’t swim this holiday but think it is unfair to charge for sunbeds in a private resort.

Victoria 1 is up a fairly steep hill which was difficult for me with my back and knees but we did it a couple of times a day (good way of keeping fit!). First day we decided to have a wander up the hill a bit further and found a supermarket open on a Sunday. Not the best value but we got what we needed and had a quick mooch around the local Brit bars in the area before going back to the apartment.

In the evening we walked down to the paseo to have a drink at La Tasca 7. Joe was standing on the paseo where we last saw him 2 years ago and Li was busy in the restaurant but this time she had her little baby grandaughter with her! So sweet. We decided to try the pork loin with apple and we certainly weren’t disappointed it was delicious, rounded off with coffees and a brandy for me! We got chatting to a lovely couple on the next table, everything from NCIS tv shows, Staffies (I have one and so do they!), prostate cancer (my OH has it (op when I get back) and the man had had it, all sorts of stuff. Such a lovely evening, shame they were leaving next day!

Back at apartment by 11pm and 11,500 steps done! Looking forward to the next day.


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