A confession from a lazy blogger!


I start this new blog with a confession! My name is Ceejayblue and I’m a lazy blogger! I haven’t blogged since the very beginning of the year and I feel really guilty about that. So much has happened but I won’t go over old history and will start again from now and try to be better lol! So, please forgive me and be gentle with me! 😉

First of all, I have been trying to eat more healthily and also do some execise every day. I started in January and I follow the Freedom Eating way of eating as set out in Debbie Flint’s book Till The Fat Lady Slims 2.0 The “When” Diet. It has been changing my life, I follow the 6 principles but mainly I am eating when hungry on a scale of 6 and cutting back on my carbs (it helps with the diabetes too!) and stopping eating when I reach the satisfied stage and not trying to clear my plate! I will do a proper blog on it later. I am also exercising with a Body Blade and doing Leslie Sansone in home walking – more of those when I do my healthy bit.

So, what is the main reason for this blog today? Well my first priority is to do a trip report of our recent holiday to Spain. I love Spain and always feel at home there but this holiday was one of the best we’ve had and so I kept a diary.

It will take a few days to finalise everything, but I hope you enjoy reading it and looking at the pictures I will try and add to make it more interesting 😉


Prince Charming! Prince Charming! Off to see Adam Ant!

Last night I went off to our local theatre to see Adam Ant with my best friend Annie and her daughter Andrea and our friend Jayne.  I know he’s not been around for awhile but I loved his songs and thought he was good looking at the time. Now he’s older (and so am I!) and a bit overweight (and so am I!) and he’s touring again and going on tv shows like Loose Women!

Jayne and I met up with Annie and Andrea in the restaurant and enjoyed a lovely meal of chicken pate with soda bread, salmon fillet on crushed new potatoes with asparagus and mango salsa (yummy), and dessert for me was a baked vanilla cheesecake. Total bill, including 3 glasses of wine came to £98 but with 20% off it came down to £76! Well worth it for 4 people. Whilst we were waiting for the bill I looked up and two old (and I mean old – at least 80!) ladies with their walking sticks, struggling up the stairs. Not your typical Adam Ant fans I would say!

We took our seats at 7.30pm and waited, and waited, then the song Georgie Girl started playing and a girl group came on – all playing instruments with the lead singer who was Georgie Girl! They sang for about half and hour, for 10 mins of which the spotlight on the stage was facing out into the audience and blinding us and then the sound system was so loud we were deafened too. Just wonder if the two old ladies stayed for the show?
The lead singer of the group was dressed in a lovely 50s style dress and tried to be very seductive (not that I’m into women but she certainly wouldn’t have attracted any of the men I know!). Their music was very rock based and shouty and we were relieved when they finished! Then came a break!

20 mins later on came Adam Ant and his band (including a female drummer and the girl from the first band!). Unfortunately apart from: Ant Music, Wild Frontier, Stand and Deliver and Prince Charming and at the very end a T-Rex cover, there was nothing else that we knew! He hardly spoke and we would’ve loved him to have given us an insight into his life and how he came to do this come back tour (like Boy George did a couple of years ago).

Looking at him in his tricorn hat and his American Yankee army trousers and his white shirt and his wire rimmed glasses, the name Fred Scuttle (Benny Hill) and then later when he took the glasses and his jacket off he looked like Bobby Ball! He has a bit of a flabby tum and man moobs (he sort of ripped his shirt part off!) but his cheeky smile was still there and there were small glimpses of him when he was in his prime.

We did get an apology about the spotlight but the bass speaker was so booming my chest vibrated! I suffer with tinnitus and have had blocked ears for a couple of weeks after an infection but had been clear of the blocked feeling for a couple of days. Now its back and the tinnitus is even louder! It certainly wasn’t the night I was expecting but it was good.

Unfortunately, Annie and Andrea didn’t enjoy it much but Jayne and I got up a couple of times to dance to the songs we knew so we had a good time. Oh and I’ve never seen so many men in groups at a show like that before, mind you although they stood up during the performance, not many of them jigged about, apart from one guy in full Adam Ant get up!

Over all it was a good night because I was with friends but I know that unless it was in a larger venue then I wouldn’t go to another concert like that.


First ramblings of a woman desperate to lose weight

I’ve been on this weight loss journey for more than half my life. I’ve always been curvy but after I had my children I just wasn’t able to shift the weight. I know all the rules of losing weight eat less, exercise more, make informed choices and over the years I’ve lost loads of weight and then put it all back on again.

I don’t like exercise and although I like to swim once I’m in the water it does take a conscious effort for me to get ready to go to the pool. On holiday I swim for at least half an hour a day but at home in the warmth of my living room, getting out there when its pouring with rain or snowing is not easy. I do pilates every now and then and when I’m in a class I love it, but again don’t feel motivated enough to get up and go out to a class. Its within me to do all these things and I just sit on my rear and play around on the laptop or watch tv.

Some days I have to look after my 2yr old granddaughter and I love her to bits but its very tiring and at the age of 60 I don’t have the energy I had when I had her mother all those years ago! I am someome who generally is very laid back and can deal with anything but a few years ago I was bullied at work by my boss (all sorted now – I’ve retired!!!) and now find it harder to deal with certain things that come my way. My son’s marriage has broken down and his wife’s left him and he’s now the main carer for their son. He’s trying to change his life around and do a childcare course so he can help give his son a good role model, which will mean he may need me to help look after him sometimes. I won’t go into the details of what happened, I tend to get tunnel vision and rant for England  about it all. Suffice to say, I’m proud of my son but the worry of it all (he’s coping brilliantly by the way) has made me question so much and I’m having problems resisting the munchies! I know I can’t use that as an excuse but it does affect my moods and I’m trying not to make excuses at all.

Anyway, I belong to a weight loss group on line  (www.weightlossresources.co.uk) and with their help I’m trying to keep on track. I log all food and exercise and go on the forums on a regular basis for support and advice and since December I’ve lost 1.5stone which is great.

In December I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I had been glucose intolerant for many years and my late mum was diabetic and my sister is also diabetic and despite being monitored regularly by my GP, I never thought it would happen to me. Then it did! This made me more focussed on losing my weight and to be honest it was a relief to be diagnosed as it meant I had to deal with it rather than ignore it.

Life is for living and losing the weight will mean I will be in control of my diabetes and that I will look & feel better. Only thing is that as I’ve got so much to lose that I will become wrinkly and have lots of loose skin so I may not get down to the ideal  weight for me as it will make me look drawn and haggard and like a wrinkly prune! Need to win the lottery to have a fully body lift!

My journey is a long one but I will succeed and get myself in better shape so I can have a long life and see my grandchildren grow up and live their lives too. I will come on the blog when I have down days and when I have good days, I won’t put my weight down on the blog, I do that on the forum I’m on, but I will shout when I have a good loss and cry when things don’t go quite right.

I hope that by being positive about losing weight I will be able to get to my goal and perhaps inspire others on the way. I’ve rambled again but it does help putting it down!


Grrr! Wasted so much time trying to get this right!

I wrote a long review of my holiday to Tenerife in Word, I wanted to cut and paste it and add photos into my blog. I tried about 5 times and it looked ok then it all went wrong and I just couldn’t get it to work, so its back to square 1 and going to sit with my other half and try to work it out. I’ve also had an offer of help from another WordPress blogger who I met through a forum I’m on and I’ve got a feeling I may well be calling on her very soon.

I’m probably doing something really silly (or not doing as the case may be!) and once it clicks in my head I think it will be full steam ahead!

Still trying to work this out! LOL!

Here I am back again, trying to work out how to do this properly! Still not decided on a theme or anything to write but just rambling on and seeing how things flow! Will need to really read through the set up hints and tips and try and add some pictures. In fact, I think I will try and add one of me and my husband on our holiday in Spain last year. Hey it worked! Now that’s simple! Will need to do some more reading and try and make this blog alot more interesting!

Think that tomorrow I will spend some time reading lots more blogs and learning more.

Still working on trying to set this up properly!

Well, I’m going to read through all the help pages and links and look at lots of other blogs and then decide what I will concentrate on blogging about.

I love the idea of blogging about my family, but I know there are some things that I wouldn’t talk about. I could blog about my love of the Costa Del Sol and the holidays I’ve had there or I could blog about my craft making – cards, and soon jewellery making. Plus I love to take photographs and I could add my photos to my blog.

Its also possible that I will blog about my weightloss journey, especially since being diagnosed diabetic back in December 2011.  Its all so much to think about and make the right decision so please dear readers, be patient with me! I will sort myself out as soon as I can.

Life is good for me at the moment, despite being retired on a very low personal pension and Government one not due till September 2013 but…. we own our home, my husband is self employed and earning a small amount of money and we have two beautiful children and 2 grandchildren and a step grandchild who make every day worth getting up for. I feel that I’m lucky and look forward to trying to get my thoughts down on my blog on a regular basis – once I decide what subject!!! LOL!

Oh and by the way, my hobby horse at the moment is GETTY IMAGES! They are trying to get over £1300 from my husband for using an image that they have in their stock photos without permission! He didn’t get it from them but has no proof of where he got it from as it was several years ago. So be warned people if you are using images on your blogs that have copyright attached to them (even if you didn’t know it had!) you may get a letter through the post from Getty Images one day demanding money, with menaces. Our MP can’t do anything about it as legall Getty are within their rights, but morally the way they are trying to get money out of people who can ill afford it is disgraceful. You can even get caught if you change the image to something that looks almost totally different – their special spybots can detect even the smallest pixel from the original!

Right off soapbox for now.

Be back on as soon as I can!