Olympics and other ramblings……

Well this month has been quite eventful, my granddaughter was 2 on 21st my daughter was 29 on 27th and the Olympics started! I changed my Metformin for my diabetes and my healthy eating plan has suffered – especially since my holiday! My daughter and her family are moving to a house from a cramped 1 bed flat on 5 August and my sister’s dog had a stroke! So, where to start?


We had a lovely day in our house and garden with family and close friends celebrating Katie’s 2nd birthday. It was wonderful to have my grandchildren, Katie and Charlie and my step grandson Lewis there, as well as Charlie’s best friend Toby (my son’s best friend’s little boy).

My sister and my niece came and brought their dog Sam. He’s a wonderful old rescue dog who looks on me as his second mummy! Love him to bits and looking forward to him coming to stay in October when Julie, Cliff and Lara go off to Florida for 2 weeks. Unfortunately last week poor Sam had possibly had a minor stroke and fell down the stairs at their home. Vet says it was possibly something to do with his inner ear and for a few days he was wobbly and not well at all but is now, hopefully, on the mend. His original owners had left him in the house when they moved and he was rescued by the Wood Green Animal Shelter who then found my sister and her family. Not only was Sam lucky to end up with such a wonderful family, but we were lucky to have him come into our life. He has never learned to play with a ball or catch a stick but he loves chasing rabbits in the fields and will run after you and best of all he gives us all unconditional love and is so good with the grandchildren.

Best Loved Dog!


My daughter and her family (her partner, his 13 yr old son, Katie and Linzi) have been living in a 1 bed flat for nearly 3 years. The Council say they need another 2 children before they will house them! So after paying £650 pm rent to their private landlord, they are now moving to a house that is owned by a family friend and will be paying £850 a month for a 3 bed house that is being done up for them. We are so happy that at last they will have room to move and Katie and Lewis will have their own rooms!

The local council sold all their properties to housing associations but still allocate them through a bidding process. It is so hard to get anything these days, its not that foreigners are taking the homes, there are just too many people who can’t afford to buy who need to rent at an affordable rent (even though the social housing rents are going to be 80% of the private rental market in future). When we bought our home 34 years ago we only had to find £1000 deposit, which my mother in law gave us as a gift. These days they need £25K or more and there’s no way we could afford to help our children out with that amount of money! So private renting is the way for most people these days and although the majority of Europe rent, it does seem that our children and their children won’t have the ability to get onto the housing ladder.


Absolutely loved the Olympic Opening Ceremony, even though some people thought it was a waste of money which could’ve gone to the NHS, I believe it was worth every penny and anyway it’s doubtful that the money would’ve gone to the NHS if it hadn’t been spent on the Olympics! I love every bit of what I’m seeing at the moment, even the sports I wouldn’t normally watch like volleyball, water polo, archery, etc. As a family we are all watching the sports that GB are competing in and surfing the channels and the net continually to see what’s on.

Love it or hate it the Olympics is here and luckily a lot of doubters are now coming around to seeing how good it is for the country. What with the Royal Wedding, the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics, this year has been an historic one for Great Britain and I for one am proud to call myself British.

Our athletes have been doing so well despite the knockers and today (3 August) the athletics in the main stadium start. Hopefully we will go on to win more golds but whatever happens team GB have done a great job.


The weather here has been so bad up until last week that the heat wave took us all by surprise! It was as hot so hot at one point I felt like I was on holiday in Spain again. It’s quite cloudy out of my window at the moment (28TH) with a big black cloud looming but through my back door I can see sunshine and the birds are singing and bathing in our fish pond. All’s right with the world!

Spoke to soon! We have a monsoon thunderstorm going on overhead! Watching the equestrian event at the Olympics on tv and the rider is soaked and unaware that the rain they are having (they are about 6 miles from us) is going to get worse! She managed a great dressage though.


As a diabetic I take Metformin twice a day and my diabetic nurse changed me to the slow release version this month. I thought she said I’d only have to take one a day which is brilliant so I put in my prescription to the local chemist. When I picked up my tablets up it said on the packet 1 x 1000mg per day – yay! But that’s a bit odd I thought as I was taking 2 x 500mg twice a day on the other ones, but as I thought she’d said one a day I wasn’t worried. However, they didn’t have my full amount so I had to go back to get the rest.

When I got there they queried the dosage on the first batch and said they may have made a mistake! They’d checked and it should be 2 x 1000mg per day! Good job I hadn’t started taking them as I was finishing off my other ones! I rang my GP who said; yes it is 1 x 1000mg twice a day and not 1 x 1000mg once a day! It’s a good job that the chemist picked up their mistake and I checked with the GP as I could’ve been taking the wrong dose for 3 months otherwise! No idea what the consequences would’ve been but not good I would think!


I have been writing this page for over a week now and have decided that I need to draw breath and get on with making the new home card for my daughter and her family and to plant up a lovely little tomato plant my friend has given me complete with two tiny tomatoes!
Will post again after the weekend, busy helping with the grandchildren.


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