I’m not doing a round robin letter in my Christmas cards this year, I’m pointing everyone to my blog! LOL! Hopefully everyone will find it interesting.

So, things since our holiday in September have moved on a pace! New adventures, grandkids growing so fast and apart from a couple of health scares we have had a great time getting back into the swing of things after such a great holiday!

First of all our middle grandson started school, our oldest grandaughter went into year 1 and our youngest is becoming a completely amazing little character. Both Charlie and Katie are doing so well at school and she is showing her little brother Joshua how to read and do the things she learns at school.  Everyone says that being a parent is the best thing in life that you can do, and that’s true up to a point. When you become a grandparent, everything else changes, your love expands to grab hold of these tiny human beings who are part of you and your life history. I just love my three to the moon and back and can’t imagine my life without them, they are just so precious.

Rob, our son had a health scare but all was well in the end and I’m grateful that he wasn’t scared of going to the doctors to get it checked out. Our daughter has been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and is now on meds but it explains a lot of things that have happened to her over the last few months so its good we’re not looking at something far worse. John’s Prostate Cancer is still under active surveillance and Guy’s hospital are happy with him.

My own health is ok, diabetes is well under control although I’ve had a lot of trapped nerves in my wrists and it seems like each bit of me aches in turn each week! Still I’m standing up and breathing and that’s a bonus in a world full of so many poorly people who will never get better, so I count my blessings every day.

I exercise with my Body Blade and walk every day (apart from the last month when I had a virus that hung on for 4 weeks!). I am trying to stick to Freedom Eating principles and re-reading Debbie Flint’s book Till The Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – The When Diet. (available on Amazon) and I belong to several supportive groups on Facebook to do with keeping healthy using the Body Blade (by Bruce Hyamanson) and Leslie Sansone Walk at Home DVDs. Hopefully I will be doing a blog on them in the new year.

Life is moving on a pace, we’ve got plans for redecorating the downstairs of our house (kept putting it off but now it must be done!).  I’m getting back into crafting and trying to get my craft room straight (although at the moment its full of Christmas presents and craft stuff I want to get rid of.


A confession from a lazy blogger!


I start this new blog with a confession! My name is Ceejayblue and I’m a lazy blogger! I haven’t blogged since the very beginning of the year and I feel really guilty about that. So much has happened but I won’t go over old history and will start again from now and try to be better lol! So, please forgive me and be gentle with me! 😉

First of all, I have been trying to eat more healthily and also do some execise every day. I started in January and I follow the Freedom Eating way of eating as set out in Debbie Flint’s book Till The Fat Lady Slims 2.0 The “When” Diet. It has been changing my life, I follow the 6 principles but mainly I am eating when hungry on a scale of 6 and cutting back on my carbs (it helps with the diabetes too!) and stopping eating when I reach the satisfied stage and not trying to clear my plate! I will do a proper blog on it later. I am also exercising with a Body Blade and doing Leslie Sansone in home walking – more of those when I do my healthy bit.

So, what is the main reason for this blog today? Well my first priority is to do a trip report of our recent holiday to Spain. I love Spain and always feel at home there but this holiday was one of the best we’ve had and so I kept a diary.

It will take a few days to finalise everything, but I hope you enjoy reading it and looking at the pictures I will try and add to make it more interesting 😉