So where do I start this time? Lots of things I want to say and yet I don’t want to ramble on (like I’m prone to!) and I don’t want to bore people (been known to do that too LOL!). Right, I’ll do it in the order of the title of this blog!


I’ve been fighting my weight for many years, basically, I’m a piglet – I eat too much and exercise too little. Make no bones about it, I’ve used lots of excuses in my time for not losing weight and none of them are good ones. “Oh, I’m big-boned”, “I’m not meant to be slim”, “I do eat properly” and many more.

Even though my mum was diabetic and my sister is diabetic, I had always been very complacent about the fact that I was glucose intolerant and yo-yo dieted for years, so that I could go to see my GP at various times and be lighter, only to put it all back on again. So when he told me in December 2011 that I was now diabetic, I wasn’t shocked or depressed, just disappointed with myself that I’d not lost the weight and tried to avoid it.

Following my diagnosis I lost nearly 2 stone, my diabetic nurse and my sleep clinic (I have sleep apnoea – that’s another story!) were so pleased with me. I felt amazing and promised myself I would keep it off and would get fit. Apart from being scared of flabby, loose skin (still am!) I was determined to keep on a healthy way of life.

I should never promise to be good! June 2012 went to Tenerife with my friend Annie (also diabetic). We ate healthily and walked and swam a lot and I still came home 7lb heavier! No idea how (well might have been the odd cocktail we had in the evening) but there it was, the scales don’t lie! Instead of knuckling under I became complacent again. My blood glucose, blood pressure and my cholesterol were all under control with my medication and I just let things slip.

So here we are October 2013 and I’m back trying to shift the weight. I now have 4 beautiful grandchildren who I want to be able to see grow up and so I’m trying again. No promises, no deadlines just adjusting what I eat and trying to move about a lot more.

My holiday on the Costa Del Sol was a success as I actually lost 1lb! So now aiming to get fit for mine and Annie’s Tenerife trip in March 2014.

Lots of people are trying the 5:2 diet – starve 2 days eat “normally” 5 days. Not something that I like to do as I need to eat regular meals. Some people are doing the very low carb or low carb diets which people keep saying that this is a diet that diabetics should follow as carbs turn into glucose in the body and that’s what we need to control. I’ve looked at that way of eating and although I can see for some people it will work, for me I know it won’t! How do I know that? Well, diabetics are more likely to suffer from heart conditions and kidney problems and I know that if I eat too much protein I get very bad tummy cramps, if I eat too much fat (another thing low carbers say you should increase) it goes straight through me (sorry TMI!). Also, I worry about kidney function and having had one result that said I had protein in my urine, I really don’t want to increase my intake.

So, what am I doing? Well, I’ve started to log everything I eat on www.weightlossresources.co.uk. It’s a great dieting website and for a lot less than you pay for Weight Watchers and Slimming World, you can have lots of online support and information. Logging what I eat is really helpful for me, as it makes me concentrate on what I’m putting into my body. I also log any exercise, and that can be as little at gardening, walking to the shops or a long walk in the country, swimming or whatever. It also shows me how many calories I’m eating, how many carbs, fat and protein etc.

I’ve also decided that I’m going to lower my carb intake to 160g per day and 1600 cals a day and so since Monday 13 October, this is just what I’ve done and so far so good, weigh in next Monday. Won’t post my weight, just my losses and hopefully it will help me to keep going by blogging about it.

So my first loss (14-21 October) is 4lbs! So pleased, except when I told John this morning he said “Don’t know how, you’ve not done any exercise!” To say I’m hurt is an understatement but he’s paying for it! I totally lost my cool and swore at him! I’m usually very placid but a tiger when pushed and he certainly pushed me today!


My hobby is cardmaking and papercraft. I’m not the best at it and I’m a very messy crafter but I’ve been doing it for over 10 years and I love it. I’ve got two really good friends (Annie and Jayne) who I craft with and my sister Julie also likes to craft (when she gets the time). It’s so relaxing and although I’m not artistic in any way, I find that I can make some very pretty and interesting cards.

I’m going to start posting some of my pictures of the cards I’ve done so that you can see, I’ll also post some of the wonderful cards that my friends have sent me over the years. It’s not a cheap hobby! There’s always new stuff that you need (not just want). I’m a magpie and love to hoard anything pretty, sparkly and so sometimes I buy things that I end up never using but I just love them and don’t want to get rid of. However, my craft room is now so cluttered that I’m crafting on the dining room table so I know that I have to get down to clearing it soon!


Life at the moment is great, I am now a fully-fledged Senior Citizen! Although I retired from work in 2011 (6 months before my 60th and after my mum left me enough money to get by on for a year), I actually only officially retired on 6 September. I had been counting the months down to retiring for years. I was told by the Government that my official retirement date would be when I was 61 years 8 months and 27 days old! It was imprinted on my brain LOL! I was actually on holiday on the day and celebrated with a glass of sangria!

Now I just look forward to getting my pension every 4 weeks (plus my company pension, which is very small, every 3 months) and being able to see a healthier balance in my bank. My savings are now not being raided on a regular basis and luckily I don’t earn enough to pay tax, so all my savings (including ISAs) have tax-free interest! Yay! Have told the kids that they will only have the house when their dad and I are gone as we’re going to live as well as we can (obviously not going mad) on what we’ve got coming in. John can’t retire till he’s 65 so that’s 3 years away and work is very slow at the moment but we economise where we can and we can survive!

We make use of moneysavingexpert.com, WHICH?, and comparison websites and get the best deals we can on everything. We’ve just done our electricity/gas and as luck would have it, our current supplier turned out to be our best bet for a 2 year fix (and they’ve not put up their charges yet so that’s a result). If we buy things on-line we use QUIDCO.com and I’ve got a Nectar card so it all helps.

Our wills have been updated to include our new baby grandson and we are now all set to make sure everyone is included.

The only problems we have though are health ones! We both have mild arthritis in our necks, we both have tinnitus – although John’s is really bad and he has an appointment at the hospital about it, I’m diabetic and have other odd things wrong but in spite of it all, we know that we are lucky to be where we are, own home, a car, holidays and most of all, we have an amazing family and brilliant friends so we don’t fear getting older, don’t like the idea of it, but it comes to us all eventually.

So, here endeth my blog for this month! Will put some pictures up in the next one, promise! LOL! Now on the countdown to Halloween and Christmas (oh and my birthday in December!).


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