March – Looks like Spring is on the Way!


So, here we are at the beginning of March at the end of the wettest winter on record! Still lots of homes along the Thames and in Somerset suffering from the after effects of the flooding and my heart goes out to them all, it must have been and still must continue to be, dreadful.

I’m lucky, I live on a hill so no chance of flooding for me, but all that rain we’ve had must’ve done a lot of damage to the ground and the soil will be bereft of nutrients so I must remember this year to feed my plants – when I get round to putting them in.

At Christmas we went to a local garden centre with the grand-kids and Father Christmas in his grotto gave the children a present and all the adults got a small Christmas Tree in a little bag of earth to plant out after Christmas. Finally put our two into pots and they’d already started getting new growth so hopefully one year we might even be able to have a real tree in the house!

After all the dreadful weather we’ve had its been nice to see some beautiful sunshine and the temperature is on the rise, but for how long who knows? LOL! Back in September when we were on holiday on the Costa Del Sol, the newspapers in the UK were forecasting the worst winter storms with lots of snow for the whole of November. It didn’t come! Then a couple of weeks ago snow was forecast over a weekend, it never arrived! So, I was wondering, does this mean we’re going to miss out on the cold and the frost? Will that mean more garden pests? We’ve already seen the slugs and snails starting to come up to the surface (must remember to put the pellets down!) and it makes me wonder if all the dampness and comparative warmth of this very strange winter, means we will get more mozzies in the summer? I hope not!

We’ve had a little robin singing his/her heart out in our garden and out in our street for several months and sometimes it comes down to the bird table on our patio by my kitchen window! Its so beautiful and we also get some chirpy sparrows and a couple of big fat wood pigeons too! Last year, a pair of blackbirds made a nest in one of our bushes, although they didn’t lay any eggs in it. This year, we’ve seen them looking at the nest again so maybe they’ll give it a go this year. I do hope so.

Our pond is looking good (in as much as its fairly clear at the moment) but recent winds blew over the reeds in the middle so we’ll need to sort that out before the summer. Hopefully, we’ll have more frog spawn again this year.

Out in the garden the other day I was looking at my pots and hanging baskets from last year and some of the geraniums and gazinias are flowering still! So please snow and frost don’t turn up unexpectedly, I’d like to be able to keep them going for this year too!


We’re off to the hospital on Saturday morning for John’s MRI for his tinnitus, then in April he’s got another one for his prostate cancer – two different hospitals! Its been a worrying time but he’s made some adjustments to his diet – soya milk, green tea, lots of broccoli and tinned tomatoes which are supposed to help. He’s also had trouble with IBS which he’s now on meds for! If its not one thing its another! I’m trying to avoid going to GP before my holiday but I’ve had tennis elbow and shoulder pain for the last few weeks which is making housework difficult (don’t really need an excuse not to do it but there are some jobs that really need doing and I can’t lift and shift stuff so it will have to wait!)


My grandchildren are my joy, we see them every week and to say that they make me feel wonderful is an understatement. Poor Katie (3) (my daughter’s little girl) has been suffering lately with lots of colds, chest infections and tonsillitis but she is so good taking her medicine at home and at nursery. Her baby brother Josh (8 months) has now got 2 teeth and crawls around the floor like a paratrooper on a mission! He’ll soon be walking as he loves to stand. My son’s little boy, Charlie (3) is also a joy, he never ceases to amaze me at how he picks up words and remembers them and he’s also now started to try to write his name. We took them all to a butterfly centre and to feed the ducks at our local historical site (Hall Place, Bexley) and they absolutely loved it there (as did the adults). Its a place we’ll be going to a lot in the summer.


Well, its now 16 days and counting till my friend Annie and I are jetting off to Tenerife for a week of sun, sea and fun! LOL! We will be meeting up with two other bloggers and we’re so looking forward to it. Its all paid for, I’ve got my money on my currency card, insurance sorted, transfers sorted, now to get my list out and start ticking off the clothes etc I’m going to take and to get my travel docs all scanned and printed off so we’ve got copies in case anything happens to them/us!

All we need now is for that flippin snow to arrive the night we travel and make it difficult to get to the airport! So please Mr Weatherman can you promise me its not going to snow at all this year?


OK yesterday I went to bring the rubbish bins back from the front of our drive to the back after the bin men had been. I was just walking up to get the two recycle bins when I thought “Oh these slippers are getting a bit baggy and loose, think I need a new pair.” Put bins back where they belong walked to front steps (only 3) and ran (yes I can do a very short sprint! LOL!) and bang! Stripped by catching slipper toe on the step and went forward, banging my wrists, my left breast and my left knee on the steps! Talk about feel stupid! Called John to help but by the time he got down stairs I was up, a little shaken but otherwise OK!

So, off to BHS in the afternoon to do some shopping, had a look at slippers! Plenty of similar ones to those I have already, so looked at the more supportive ones. Only one in my size that fitted and even that wasn’t a good fit and the others looked like the ones my late mum used to wear and as I’m not 89 years old and disabled! So came home with no slippers and wearing some canvas shoes from last summer instead.

Well I think that’s it for this month. Am making some more felt decorations and toys and hope to be able to start selling them one day and so will try and get some pictures up for everyone to see next month.

I’m away from 24-31 March so will miss Mother’s Day but I wish all you mum’s out there a wonderful day and hope your families spoil you rotten.



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